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First Time Users

For everyone who has never completed an offer or free trial before check out this tutorial with pictures of what to do. CashCrate Tutorial.

I Don't Want People Having My Information

Well luckily you don't have to give all of your information. When you are completing offers you will be asked to provide personal information such as your home phone number, email address, and your credit card. Let me let this be known that it is against CashCrate's policy to provide false information when completing offers and you will be cut loose from the program if you do so. Luckily you can sign up for your own 'Spam' accounts, which is not against the rule.

Phone Number

You can sign up for your own internet phone line at This is useful because you can provide this number instead of your home phone. After you set up this phone number you should activate your voicemail so if someone calls they will know its you. You are not required to call them back either. Telemarketers will call often so this is a good alternative to providing your real number.

Email Address

If you provide your real email address on offers you will receive spam mail. It is good to have 5 to 10 email address and I will give you a hint/trick on how to do this. Go to and sign up for an email address. Let's say your email address is You can place a (.) anywhere in the address and it still goes to the same place, so this eliminates having to make 5 to 10 seperate email accounts. Example: or etc it doesn't matter which one you type because the email will still go to the same place and the system will think you are using separate email addresses.

Credit Card

Whenever you have see a credit card offer you should smile because these offer the most money. Instead of giving out your credit card number, you can easily get a Visa gift card! The card works exactly like a credit card, except it has a set amount that you choose. (I get the $25 gift cards) If you run into a company who declines to quit charging your card, which is rare, or just an ugly case, they can only get so much money from you. The best place to get a gift card is or your nearest Walgreens. All you have to do is purchase the gift account, wait 5 minutes for an email, and then go back to the website and "Pick up Gift Account" with the information you entered at purchase, and the information you received in the email.

Tips On Being Successful With CashCrate

Using Different Emails

Companies with more than one offer on the list track you with your email address and if they already have that email in their database, then your offer will not confirm. All you have to do is use the method I explained earlier about the gmail email addresses and you'll be fine.


Users on CashCrate have said that cookies are the number one cause of offers not confirming. Cookies must be cleared in between each offer. Companies track you through cookies, and for more than one offer from the same company, you need to clear them so you can be tracked again correctly. One trick I learned while doing this is to download ATF-Cleaner. It is free of charge and virus/spyware/adware free and you only have to click it once after each trial. DOWNLOAD HERE


Make sure the information you enter in the offer is not false or your offer will not confirm. Roboform - This is very helpful and free. The program lets you fill out a form with the click of a button and this is helpful when filling out surveys.

"Fill Out the Form"

These offers typically tend to go up to $2.00 and you have to fill out the pages. For the Questionaire offers you only have to complete the pages until it says "Done" or "Congratulations, you've been entered!". When you see either of these you don't have to go any further.

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